Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Wisdom and grace comes through many different mediums; but it is especially heartening when it comes though our closest friends. I have been writing poetry (and not blogging!) for a good few months now and I feel it is time to return to posting those poems for people to read, enjoy or simply consider. Things have shifted within me and those subtle transformations have revealed new depths and perspectives in my life. Hard won though they may be; a good friend once said that 'wisdom usually comes from a place of suffering.'

I include one of my favourite poems that my brother (Richard Harrison) has written. His blog is

Once upon a time everything stopped, the ground opened up, 
the lights dimmed, sound muted and I was pushed down into the abyss,
I guess this was death. Once upon a time the sky opened up, light shone 
upon my face, sounds danced around my mind, I guess I was born, once
upon a time nothing happened until a bird landed on my shoulder
and whispered he had seen me staring at a hole that did not exist
and a sky that couldn't be seen 



Lift up!
Raise your perceptions;
Step into the shoes of new beliefs,
tangible - like falling vine.
Feel the ethereal gossamer of transformation;
Can you see the new you in the mirror?
Such subtleties bring the ripple of gifts;
That encircle out of your ocean,
Into the familiar and foreign seas around you.


Thursday, 19 July 2012


Simply...for the love of my life.

Our love

Mine ache is yours; and yours is mine,
The heart that sings, n'er out of time,
This love has grown, the wings it's spread,
Such iron bonds; spun gossamer threads.
Should love bear weight, it's mass awry;
This earth could not hang in the sky,
Should love bear time, the clock has stopped,
Eternal, infinitesimal, granite as rock,
With you - this love has lived its time;
The past, present, future as one infinite line.


Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Each of us has within us this internal guidance system which has its own wisdom, knowledge and intuition that is completely unique to every individual. And due to this, it can be very difficult to offer advice to people. Ultimately they are living life from their own filter or perspective and deep down they can only know what decisions feel right for them. Every person is on their own journey. At times, this truth can be disconcerting and isolating, but conversely it offers great comfort and empowerment when we make those important decisions from our own wisdom, and they go on to contribute to our long term growth and happiness.

Last night, I went to bed troubled and worried about something. I was feeling emotions of panic, anxiety, fear, loss and lack. Although these feelings are not unfamilar to me, I naturally gravitate towards a place of abundance, lightness, joy and trust, so predictably I had a restless sleep. Whilst dreaming, a sentence or mantra was running through the backdrop of my dream and this sentence was 'From moment to moment - choose love; not fear'. I woke up and felt slightly better. I realised that I had a choice to cultivate thoughts that increased those fearful feelings or I could begin to cultivate thoughts that soothed and brought relief to those original feelings. How many of us use words or thoughts that create lack and fear in our lives? It is powerful to know that we do have a choice in how we talk to ourselves. It can take some time and persistance, but the benefits of acquiring this skill are made manifest in our life.

Does a flower mourn its own
Papery thin - and gaunt,
Its beauty faded, no longer tangible,
Water seeping into stems; unable to
support life any longer;
Quietly it fades,
Without fanfare - or farewell...


Thursday, 28 June 2012


I attended a beautiful wedding on the weekend. It was made extra special by the love, warmth and kindness exhibited by the guests. People connected, interacted and made merry til the early hours. The couple shared stories of love for eachother, their family and friends. It was a space for love, generosity and appreciation and it prompted me to reminisce on my own wedding proposal, which happened over a decade ago!

Will you marry me?

Under the sky of Bradda Head -
One midsummer's eve;
You set me down,
Collected my dreams and intentions;
And made them free.

In that single moment -
With the waves crashing around;
Not a cloud could be seen,
My heart leapt to a beat;
To join a cacophany of sound.

You set my soul alight,
With your words;
My mind ablaze and my heart just
I skipped down the hill -
To our evermore.


Thursday, 21 June 2012


Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don't know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings (Anais nin) 

After complaining to my husband that I would like him to show me more love and affection; he replied 'You wouldn't like it if I were to drown you in my would be suffocating!' And from this exchange, I was inspired to write the following:

Drown me

Drown me in your love you say;
What if I could swim those seas?
Bask in the sunlight - that warms the surface,
To certain depths;
And reflect back those kisses,
Petals floating - upon the ripples,
Perfectly malleable to life's direction.
Seize this moment;
For you hold my heart, Crushed!
between your fingers,
Should you desire it.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012


Water Raining

Water astonishing and difficult altogether makes a meadow and a stroke
 (Gertrude Stein)

We have had a lot of rain this spring! The trees, parks and plants are green, bright and verdant and most people are miserable! Except me! I actually love the rain, there is something profoundly soothing about being inside and hearing the pitter patter of the rain on the roof or windows. And walking along feeling the crispness in the air as though all the dirt and pollution has been washed away clean, and I am hidden (protected) underneath a bright umbrella. The rain is a perfect accompaniment to indulging those pensive and deeper thoughts. It is as though one has a friendly audience, a willing participent in those thoughts and time can stop. It is strangely hypnotic! And then there is also the potential anticipation of an inevitable change coming about, maybe a rainbow or even the sun making an appearance in an otherwise grey, wet landscape.

The rain pours -
And pours some more;

I am soothed inside,
This steady song

No need to cry -
But blink my eyes

The clock, such hands;
That tick and rock

A steady tune -
That doesn't stop

The leaves though smile;
With ardent heart

Their wishes granted -
They have no part

And so it pours -
and pours some more;

My solitude accompanied;
By a musical score


Saturday, 5 May 2012


The following poem was inspired in self reflection. I recognise that as we wake to a new day, our cells, tissues and body is a different version to the day before. We are never the same from one day to the next, let alone from one moment to the next. Life consists of moments, ordinary moments, sad moments, familiar moments and great moments and we are creating every single moment either consciously or unconsciously. And creation is constant. We get older every second as our body moves through those moments in life towards it's natural closure. How many of us stop to appreciate the incredible design that is our physical body? A body that will eventually come to an end of it's life, it's purpose met. As woman, we should appreciate those moments when we feel beautiful, the feminine energy that emanates through the physical form is sensual, captivating, gentle, seductive and powerful.


You will never be as beautiful; as you are in this moment.
Spring - wells up in your essence; and the light shines from your eyes.
Your soul, mind and body that you are; united as one.
From here, embers will glow and fade each passing day.
You wake, to a new version of an older version of you.
Look not to the mirror, for this cloak of illusion will dampen your sight.
Surrender - youth and beauty will retreat gently;
Tenderly it will step away and with grace, go deeper to new depths.
Seek out new sight -
And love this new self wholeheartedly;
For you were born to learn these truths,
Don't let fear steal away your dreams.